Evrika Foundation is a classical type foundation. It is a non-governmental, non-religious and non-political organization, legal entity according to the Bulgarian legislation. It is registered in the Central Register of the Ministry of Justice for the performance to the benefit of society.

Evrika Foundation was established in 1990 by a number of state and public organizations with the aim to support talented children and young people in the implementation of projects in the field of science, engineering and management; to support young innovators and entrepreneurs; to disseminate scientific and engineering knowledge and knowledge in the field of economics; to help for the improvement of the material base for scientific and engineering work; to render support in education and specialization, as well as to promote international cooperation in the fields of science and engineering etc.

The Foundation`s equity amounts of 8 835 700 levs. In 2018 the revenues of the Foundation amounted to 358 589 levs. The sources of funds for the activities of the Foundation are income from renting its property, donations and income from the programmes of the foundation.

In the year 2018 the Foundation has helped several joint and individual projects for/of children and young people with expressed interests in the field of science, engineering and management and has provided support to several thousand talented young people.

During 2018 the Foundation maintained its wide specter of activities and services, namely granting financial aid and scholarships, supporting young innovators and entrepreneurs, supporting scientific and technical activities of the young people, providing free consultations, free information services, publishing activities, realization of projects in partnership with other Bulgarian and foreign organizations etc.

Only for the last year Evrika Foundation has:

  •  paid scholarships to 46 university and school students who won a contest through name-scholarships and winners of medals from international Olympiads in mathematics, informatics, physics, chemistry and biology;;
  •  supported the participation and specialization of 7 young scientists and specialists in scientific forums abroad;
  •  supported the organization of 26 significant scientific and engineering events for children and young people in Bulgaria and abroad, as well as the organization of 5 editing, educational, scientific and informational projects;
  •  supported the publishing of special articles and newspapers, which aim to promote and popularize the activities of children and young people in the field of science and technology;
  •  rendered free consultations to a lot of young people on the legal protection of intellectual property and commercial law issues;
  • has organized on its own and in cooperation with other organizations the implementation of educational, scientific and innovative projects for/of young people like:
  • National events for science and technique for the students from 5th to 8th and from 9th to 12th grade of study in cooperation with the National Palace of Children;
  • National competition “The space – present and future of the humanity”;
  • Student institute of mathematics and informatics in cooperation with the International foundation “St. Kiril and St. Metodii”, the Union of mathematicians in Bulgaria, the Institute of mathematics and informatics of the Bulgarian academy of sciences and the American foundation for Bulgaria;
  • National competitions for modelism for pupils;
  • National competition “The nature – our home” for pupils;
  • National competition for pupil’s projects in the field of ecology and environmental protection;
  • Youth scientific session on the topic „Me and physics” in the 46nd National Conference on Physics Education;
  • National Mathematics Olympiad for university students’2018;
  • International Competition for computer drawing and collage “Creativity without borders” Haskovo’2018;
  • Issue of children’s scientific and technological tabloid “Technitarche”;
  • Keeping of regular columnist “Tribune of Young” in the journal “Science”;
  • Participation of Bulgarian students in the Sciences Expo ESE’2018 in Gdinya, Poland;
  • Participation of Bulgarian students in the International Congress of young researchers in Zaragoza, Spain;
  • Expo for inventions and innovations – ITI’2018;
  • Joint project with ODK – Kyustendil “Creative Challenge IKAR – 2018”;
  • Fifth interschool scientific conference for students of language schools in Sofia;
  • A joint project with the National Polytechnic Museum for the creation of a “Student Club in Construction”;
  • A joint project with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University – Sofia, for organizing and conducting a Student Science Conference;
  • A joint project with the “Milen Grigorov” Foundation to conduct the “Youth Technical Creativity” event and competition, Gorna Oryahovitsa 2018;
  • Joint project with the Faculty of Mechanical and Manufacturing Technology of the Technical University of Sofia;
  • Joint section “Evrika! Successful Bulgarians!” with the Bulgarian National Radio, “Hristo Botev” Program;
  • 29th International Meeting of the European Architectural Student Assembly (EASA);
  • Joint project with the Institute of Organic Chemistry with Center of Phytochemistry at BAS for organizing and conducting Youth School within the framework of the Second International Conference on Bio-Antioxidants on “Natural Bio-Antioxidants and Synthetic Analogues – a positive effect on human health;
  • Joint project with Vocational School of Electrical Engineering and Automation in Sofia for equipment and software for training specialists in the field of “Monitoring and management of systems working in real time”;
  • National Competition “Physics – Engineering – Technologies, together with the “P. Hilendarski” University;
  • Joint project with Non-profit Association “Territorial organization of scientific and technical union with the House of Science and Technique – Plovdiv for organizing and holding Youth Forum” Science, Technology, Innovation, Business”, autumn – 2018;
  • Student session at the International Conference “Design and Construction of Buildings and Facilities” DCB’2018;
  • National “Science Stage 7” Festival.

Evrika Foundation is a member of two prestigious international organizations – International Movement for Leisure Activities in Science and Technology (MILSET) and the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA).


The Foundation maintains good partnership relationships, based on long-term contracts for collaboration with a number of organizations, universities and schools. Amongst them are the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Technical University of Sofia – faculties MF, MTF, VTU “Todor Kableshkov”, SUB, FNTS, SMB, SFB, the National Palace of Children, the National Polytechnic Museum and others, on the basis of which joint initiatives and activities, joint project and programs are organized.


Evrika Foundation is also a member of the Association “Bulgarian donators’ forum”, the National network for children in Bulgaria and the Specialized network for corporate social responsibility CSR Bulgaria.