Evrika Foundation Programmes

Programme Talents

The Programme aims to identify talented youth in the fields of science, engineering, technology and management. Activities funded under this pogramme include training of talented youths, supporting their participation in national scientific and technical events, stimulating the organization of specialized schools, universities, etc. and in this way accomplishing a phase of the process of constant learning and including activities of the Foundation as an element of the economics of knowledge.

Support for the education process in institutes for higher education and high schools is done by granting scholarships to:

  • winners in national competitions for special named scholarships of the Foundation, according their status;
  • regular university and high school students – winners in International Olympiads, according the approved by the Council of the Foundation list, when they continue their education in the areas in which they have expressed their talent;
  • university and high school students according to conditions of donations;

The Council of the Foundation determines the amount of the scholarships.

II. Specialized schools, universities and others
The Foundation organizes and participates in the organization and funding of specialized national schools and universities for science, engineering, technology and management as a possibility for broadening and improving the professional preparation of young people in strategic fields of development of science and economics.

III.International congresses, symposia and other scientific events
The Foundation assists young researchers, students and specialists up to the age of 35, by covering the expenses for their participation in international congresses, symposium and conferences.

Programme Information Services, Publications, Scientific Events and International Cooperation

Through the programme “Information services, Publications, scientific events and International cooperation” activities are organized by the Foundation, related to the provision of information and dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge to young people and children, organizing scientific, engineering, technology and management events – competitions, symposiums, seminars, round tables, schools, scientific and technical contests, Olympiads, exhibitions, as well as the international cooperation between young people and their organizations in the fields of science, engineering, and management is promoted. The Foundation supports initiatives, stimulates the implementation of European strategies for development of engineering and technology and stimulates the integration process among young people and their organizations.

I. Information services
The Foundation supports the provision of information through donations, free of charge or on preferential conditions:

  • Specialized scientific and technical information provided on the basis of concluded contracts with the respective information centres at home and abroad; consulting services provided by specialists, working under contract for the Foundation;
  • Access to sources from the information fund of the Foundation;
  • Subscription to specialized scientific and technical publications, reference literature for libraries and methodical cabinets in schools, institutes of higher education, scientific institutions, extra-school establishments, youth clubs and associations according to interests;
  • Granting equipment after tender procedure to extra-school establishments with proven results in the development of children’s and youth’s creativity in the field of science and technology, as well as to other non-profit organizations working with children and young people in the fields of science and technology.

II. Publications and science and technology popularization

  • The Foundation publishes or sponsors the publication of specialized, scientific and engineering, popular science and reference literature on scientific, technical and management topics (without textbooks and training aids) as well as publications for cpopularization of the results of the creativity of the young people;
  • Supports the organization and realization of specialized lectures, TV and radio broadcastings, film productions, creation of specialized portals and web-sites for scientific and technology popularization, the creation and the production of didactical games and appliances and editorial initiatives in newspapers, magazines and others intended for children and young people and for satisfying their needs for new knowledge in the fields of science, engineering, technology and management.
  • III. Scientific and technical events for children and young people
    The Foundation provides and grants funding for the organized by it or in cooperation with public and governmental organizations events, aiming to discover and develop young talents, expression of the creativity achievements of young people or stimulating the creativeness and achieving significant results in the fields of science, engineering, technology and contemporary management culture.

    IV. International Cooperation
    The Foundation encourages international cooperation of young people and their organizations in the fields of science, engineering, and economic management, as well as business contacts with similar interests in other countries and as a priority the realization of the initiatives in implementation of the European strategies for professional development. For this purpose, except financial aid, the Foundation provides contacts and information through her partner organizations or international organizations, of which it is a member.
    In the framework of the programme is financed the international cooperation and the participation of the Foundation in international organizations and their events.

    Programme Scienific research

    The programme aims to support scientific research of young scientists in fundamental and applied areas of science, engineering and technology and thus provides an opportunity for scientific work and development, to encourage the involvement of young people in scientific research. It is used to fund research and publications in prestigious scientific journals of young scientists up to 35 years or youth groups in which young people aged up to 35 years are not less than 75{00868b326a2ca17d48af7ba8148ff3a4ced0eae2ad27aa90a88c9f79552d79f5}.
    I. Competitions for funding of research projects
    The competitions are organized jointly with other organizations and funding programs. For each individual contest topics, deadlines and requirements to the participants are specified by a decision of the governing bodies of the organizations and programmes. Scientific researches that are agreed with the organizers of competitions are financed through specialized competitions, including labor, equipment, travel, materials and other related to the implementation of the research task materials. Applicants for funding of research projects are to provide the following documents:

    • Sample form;
    • Abstract (up to 1800 characters);
    • Description of scientific researches;
    • Professional biography of the leader of the team and the young scientist;
    • Work program;
    • Financial plan;
    • Proposal for a base organization with which to contract.

    II. Support for scientific publications of young researchers in referenced journals with an impact factor, which include payment.
    Applicants for financial support are to provide the following documents:

    • Sample form;
    • Copy of the scientific article;
    • Letter from the editorial staff of the adoption of printing papers and financial arrangements, if any;
    • Recommendations or reviews of senior scientists in the problem area.
    Programme Development

    The programme aims to support the accelerated development of partnerships through joint activities on programme and project basis with international, foreign and national organizations and institutions in the framework of the goals and activities of the Foundation.

    I. Partnership Programmes and Projects
    The Foundation elaborates and participates in partners’ programmes and projects with other organizations and institutions by using the creativity and financial capacity and attracts funding from structures of the UN, European Union, Council of Europe, NATO, the Bulgarian state and other foundations and programmes.

    II. Implementation of own programmes and administration of programmes and projects on assignment basis
    Through this programme are organized the application and participation of the Foundation with its own projects in programmes of the structures and organizations of the UN, Council of Europe, NATO, the Bulgarian state and other foundations ands programmes.
    The Foundation manages on contract basis on assignment by external employers and in the implementation of their projects and programmes property rights, funding and know-how which purpose and use is related to achievement of the goals of the Foundation. For the implementation of these functions the Foundation applies before the employers and donors according the set procedure.

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