The “EVRIKA” Foundation is an organization that helps many children and young people express themselves and show their abilities and skills. It helps your original creative ideas become a reality and to succeed in the implementation of bold projects in science and technology, and to acquire real dimensions to be able to service people and society. Many of them, as well as the ongoing initiatives and competitions, light the way to the professions of the future and provide the start of the personal and collective aspiration to the innovative, to discovery. All of this requires the creation of good conditions. If you are ready to get involved in the realization of the dreams of children and young people who seek and discover new sources of the implementation of causes and projects, do your best. You can do it here through an online donation. Choose which of the numerous initiatives and activities of the “EVRIKA” Foundation to get involved in yourself.

Make your contribution in helping successful Bulgarians increase in numbers and help more people get involved in the conversation about the Bulgarian science and technology.

Let us, together, give talented people a chance to discover their own way, because among them are the future discoverers, who will change Bulgarian lives. Let us unite, in order to provide scholarships for those who have already proven their talent in various competitions and thus help them become even better. Let’s increase the number of participants in academies and events, through which the thirst for knowledge develops even further. Get involved and make all of this possible. You can do it very quickly from here too, ONLINE

Donate for:
– Scholarships for students with proven capabilities;
– The organizing of various student competitions;
– Education and specializations in leading science centers and institutes;
– Establishing schools for younger scientists and specialists.